Patchouli has a mysterious earthy, warm scent with fresh fruit-like tones.  We blended this with bergamot oil to lift and freshen.  Bergamot comes from the citrus family, so is basically citrus, fruity, and sweet but also has warm spicy, floral qualities.  These oils have brilliant relaxing and unwinding properties, something a little different for someone who likes a more floral scent.  We have added dried rose and hibiscus petals for an added touch of luxury, that you will also benefit from.  We only use pure essential oils in our bath and body products, this is because they not only smell great, but your body will also benefit from its properties.  The magnesium sulfate in our bath salts are great for relaxing sore and tired muscles.


*These products are not suitable for anyone under 4 years old.

Patchouli & Bergamot Bath Salts

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