Frankincense has a deeply mysterious, but very relaxing scent that has been described as a rich, woody, and earthly scent.  We decided to add Sweet Orange to this to sweeten and lighten the scent, but since sweet orange also has relaxing properties, you benefit from both oils.  But not only relaxing, but both oils also have uplifting and refreshing properties, so depending on what your body requires, is what your body will take from this blend.  We only use pure essential oil in our bath and body products, this is because they not only smell great, but your body will also benefit from the properties.

We have added dried mandarin peels, for an added luxury, these orange pieces also have properties that will soak into your bath, adding to your relaxing experience.  The magnesium sulfate in these bath salts is perfect for soaking sore and tired muscles.


*These products are not suitable for anyone under 4 years old. 

Frankincense & Orange Bath Salts

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